The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) is the world’s largest urban cycling organisation. It has a local group in most of the London boroughs, with larger memberships in the inner London boroughs. Hackney has more LCC members than in any other borough - currently bubbling around 1200. Thousands of people cycle in Hackney daily, and Hackney not only has the highest percentage of people cycling to work in London out of any London borough (6.83%), but also the UK’s largest increase in cycling from 1991-2001 based on a comparison of census data from these years. (We await the results of the 2011 Census with interest). TfL’s London Travel Demand Survey, based on face-to-face interviews with householders, has indicated cycling mode shares of between 5% and 8% in recent years, while a 2010 survey of Hackney council staff showed that 12% frequently cycle to work. The areas enclosed by the borough boundary (Hackney, Homerton, Wick, Stoke Newington, Clapton, Dalston, De Beauvoir, Hoxton, Shoreditch, etc) make up a good area in which to get around by cycle, with few hills and a high density of development.

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