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This charter was written in September 2008, the first meeting of the network took place in Dijon. It was amended in Extraordinary General Assembly in Nancy Saturday, November 3, 2012. This charter defines the activity of participatory and solidarity-oriented Bike co-ops. It serves as a base of L’Heureux Cyclage network.

L’Heureux Cyclage is a network uniting nonprofit bike co-ops which have all of the following objectives:

  • Promote cycling in everyday life.
  • Putting back in circulation abandoned bikes, reuse spare parts and recycle raw materials.
  • Exchange their knowledge to facilitate cyclists’ autonomy:ie velonomy.

    Participatory and solidarity-oriented bike co-ops make available tools, parts and advice to enable cyclists to fix their own bikes.

    Their activities voluntarily accessible to all, are developed in a local approach, supportive and friendly.

    L’Heureux Cyclage wants to allow the exchange of experiences and knowledge sharing to promote the creation of bicycle co-ops and support their development.

    Bike co-ops signing this charter engage themselves in this process.

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