L’Heureux Cyclage just publish a map of bike co-ops to locate all the places where you can learn to repair your bike. Developed on free software, it may be enriched by the mechanics of the net.

The bike co-ops: partisan of the free world

All data and software used for this map are free. It is based on data from OpenStreetMap, library Leaflet and is generated by SPIP and a number of plugins (GIS Site Map).

The choice of free is not trivial, it meets the values ​​of the network: education, pedagogy, reuse, accessibility to a large number, of solidarity.

L’Heureux Cyclage wants to reply on the net sharing tools and knowledge that exists in the workshops, thus breaking down the divisions between those who manufacture or repair and those who use.

A map still in development

A system to reference bike co-ops allows you to complete as much as possible, the global map of the workshops.

Moreover, it is intended to be used within sites of bike co-ops. It can indeed be easily included in the web root pages, and this, in a personalized way (zooming, centering on a particular workshop, substantive change, ...).

In addition, L’Heureux Cycling wishes to continue to improve and enrich the map of new features.

All contributions of the mechanics of digital are welcome!

More info
You want to include the map to your site: some explanations (in french) are given here: http://www.wiklou.org/index.php/Inc....
You can also contact us here. Finally you can take part in discussions on irc.freenode.net (channel # l_heureux-cyclage).